Stranger Than Science Fiction (Part 1). Cinematically flavoured 3 part introductory video series focussing on exposing the compartmentalized deep state (shadow government) and how to prepare for full (extraterrestrial) disclosure. 
Video (series) | 39:44 | HD | 16:9 | 2016
Commissioned promotional video for Wiracocha Tours Peru (specialized in fair, shamanic tourism) documenting a sacred San Pedro ceremony held by the indigenous Qeros tribe at Apu Ausangate, Peru.
Video | 03:03 | 720p | 16:9 | 2014
Mini documentary mainly focussing on the influence of fresh food (from the community garden/greenhouse) and giving an overal impression of our time volunteering in the small indigenous community of Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation, in BC, Canada.
Documentary | 10:01 | 720p | 16:9 | 2013